Name: Cindy DuBois

Position: Cultural Arts Leader

Organization: City of St. Peters, MO – St. Peters Cultural Arts Centre

Time in current position: 15 years in the Arts/21 years with City

Location: St. Peters, MO


To gain a better understanding about her leadership, MACAA posed the following questions to Cindy…


What is the most rewarding part of working in the arts, or your organization specifically?

The most rewarding part of working in the arts is witnessing art change lives each and every day. It is also extremely rewarding to work with artisans that share a passion for the arts and their amazing benefits.

Our City leaders embraced a need for art in our community nearly 29 years ago and continue to support the Centre. It has been an incredible experience working for the City the last 21 years…no day is ever the same. I love it that way!


What is the favorite program/service your organization offers? 

All programs and services are our favorites. The Centre offers many opportunities in the performing arts (theatre/music), visual arts, and arts education (art camp). Our banquet/meeting/exhibition facility enhances the communities artistic experience by bringing them to an environment to mingle among the arts. Arts groups such as the Oak Leaf Artist Guild, Saturday Writers, and Loose Threads Quilt Guild meet in our facility to provide additional arts opportunities monthly.


What community philosophy do you feel is key to success?

I feel the key to success is understanding we are not all the same. We must embrace and nurture the creativity and talents of all people and always be willing to try new things.


What characteristics do you feel leaders must have?  

Leaders must be loyal, energetic, enthusiastic, truthful, and fair. Leaders must also be creative, possess vision, and make difficult decisions when needed. Leaders must learn to persevere, seek funding, and continue to be knowledgeable in the ever-changing art world.



Cindy DuBois

City of St. Peters Cultural Arts Centre

PO Box 9 – 1 St. Peters Centre Boulevard

St. Peters, MO 63376

636-397-6903 ext. 1623

[email protected]


***We would also like to point out that Cindy is currently the President of the MACAA Board of Directors!   We thank her for her leadership!