MACAA is here to help your community arts agency!

What our members value most: Networking; Advice/Guidance; Professional Development Opportunities; Idea and Program Sharing;; Staff Visits—Planning Sessions; Education and Learning.

MACAA Programs & Services include:

Technical Assistance
Consultations, Site Visits, Planning Sessions and Board Retreats

Professional Development Opportunities
digital Check Ins, digital Professional Development Series, Professional Development Conference

MACAA on the Spot


Topic-specific workshops

MACAA Mentor/Ambassadors

Resource Sharing

Advocacy for Rural Communities

MACAA's Goals Are:

To increase the knowledge and effectiveness of community arts agency boards, staff and volunteers through professional development opportunities, workshops and direct technical assistance and site visits.

To encourage networking and resource sharing among Missouri community arts agencies and artists, to share information and to facilitate the development of partnerships.

To maintain as an on-line hub for community arts agencies and artists to utilize for a broad spectrum of topics, resources and opportunities.